The virtual three-minute thesis competition (Virtual 3MT) is developed by the University of Queensland (UQ), and it helps to cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Presenting in a 3MT competition increases their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

The Open University of Sri Lanka, with permission from the University of Queensland is organizing the virtual 3MT since 2022 in line with the Open University Research Sessions. Even this year the 3MT competition is being organized in line with the Open University Research Sessions 2023 (OURS 2023).

To take part in a virtual 3MT competition for the OURS 2023, the candidate must pre-record their presentation for consideration by the judges. The Judging panel will focus on the presentation, ability to communicate research to a non-specialist audience, and with a single 3MT PowerPoint slide. A virtual 3MT competition will continue to allow Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) candidates to participate in 3MT, hone their communication skills and gain skills surrounding the presentation of the exciting research conducted by PhD, DBA, MPhil and 2-year full-time Master’s degree candidates who has carried out a substantial amount of research work for the completion of their thesis (including candidates whose thesis is under evaluation).

The competition is held in a virtual mode as per the guidelines stipulated by the organizing committee of the 3MT for OURS 2023. The winners will be announced at the Inauguration session of the OURS 2023 on 9 th November 2023.

This competition is open for any local and International participants, and calling of applications will be closed on 15th August 2023.

A certificate and a valuable gift will be awarded to the winner, the 1st runners-up and the 2nd runners-up.

Dr. D.D.D.H. Alwis

Team Leader

Virtual Competition

Dear prospective candidates,

We are pleased to inform you that, Research Unit of the Open University of Sri Lanka is planning to hold a 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) Competition in line with the Open University Research Sessions 2023 (OURS 2023).

Please refer to the attached documents (Introduction to 3MT & rules and guidelines for applying) for further details about this competition. The flyer is also given below for your perusal.

Deadline for applying for the 3MT competition is 15th August 2023. It’s a great opportunity for you to showcase your academic, presentation, and research communication skills.

Those who wish to apply for the competition should fill the google form (prior to application form) using the following  link on or before 24th July 2023.

Application form for the 3MT competition along with the relevant documents will be sent for the applicants who have filled the above google form prior to applying for the competition.